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Original acrylic artwork on wood with embellishments of authentic gemstones such as Citrine, Clear Quartz, Blue Calcite, & Black Onyx. 

"Patience" 2020

16" Diameter 1" Width 

- Painted on wooden circle.

-Hardware installed on back to hang with nails.

- Sides are painted, matching the painting. 

- Crystals are glued down securely with e6000.

- Signed with acrylic paint, dated on the back. It comes with the original Certificate of Authenticity.

San Diego, CA (and surrounding areas) residents: I am happy to arrange a pickup or drop off date. You can also schedule a date to see the artwork in person before purchasing it. 


My first phase of paintings for the year 2021, a set of three circular creations named, Faith In U.” As in Faith In The Universe & the divine plan it has made for me.

Throughout 2020 I learned many things as both an artist & a spiritual being having a human experience. There were so many times I took a step back and asked myself, “Why is this happening?” And, I didn’t ask this to myself out of petty for the obstacles in my way, more-so I wanted to understand more deeply why these certain events were taking place. I asked my guides, “What is going on? Where are we going now? Where are you taking me? How should I prepare?” 

Day-to-day and throughout every life transition, I end my prayers with the same sentence: “I have faith in you, and your plan for me.” Because at the end of the day, I know The Divine has a much greater and more aligned path for each of us that we could have never even fathom within our tiny minds. 

Thus, it is up to us as spiritual beings to Surrender, Trust & have Patience within our unique journeys. Including taking a step back when friction hits & allowing yourself to see the events of your life from a bigger picture to realize how this will lift you above into the next up-level of your life.

We must Surrender with grace & understand that there are things at work that we cannot always physically see. 

We must Trust our Spiritual Guidance that what's meant for us will not pass us, and any loss along the way carried a beautiful message & meaning to the chapter that it served.

We must have Patience & know that all the tools we need to express our souls to their most authentic state are already within us. 

We are energy made up of limitless magic. We are all one & we will all be.