A Decision to Dance
A Decision to Dance
A Decision to Dance

A Decision to Dance

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“A Decision to Dance”
18 x 1.5 x 24 in

One-of-a-kind, original artwork.

Mixed Media - Acrylic on Canvas, I have mixed these colors myself to honor the colors of the crystals used. 

This piece is a divine energetic fit for those looking to restore the relationship they hold with their inner child.

The center stone on this canvas is Candle Quartz, or Pineapple Quartz.. this crystal is believed to help restore trust & innocence by healing our wounded inner child. Cane Quartz provides an aura of protection & unconditional love for all versions of ourselves, past & present.

You will also find pieces of Citrine on this piece, Citrine is the stone of abundance. This crystal helps activate those imaginative ideas by balancing our sacral chakra, allowing our creativity to align us with wealth & prosperity.

The small iridescent blue stones are Opalite. This stone symbolizes new beginnings, & child-like JOY. Opalite helps enhance all aspects of life that bring you pleasure & allow you to frolic in the flow of the present moment. Opalite also enhances communication with others & spiritually. Giving you the strength to enhance your connection with your divine guidance.

I named this piece “A Decision to Dance” to honor that child within that just wants to dance with life.

Having this piece in your sanctuary can provide remembrance to nurture the child within you, in order to produce the art you’re capable of, to live the life you deserve.

All stones are authentic, semi-precious crystals. 

Handmade with love by Intuitive Artist, Melissa Medina Diliberti