Hello & thank you for taking the time to view my artwork. My name is Melissa and I am a self-taught intuitive artist. Sacred Solutions is a physical display of inner peace within the mind, body, & spirit. Each painting begins with a prayer and meditation. By tuning into my spiritual connection, I am given the inspiration needed to reflect onto the canvas. All of my artwork  is created with an intention to heal energetically by radiating peace, positivity, light, and love within those who find themselves connected to it.  

I have always felt safe to express my emotions freely when I paint...

My work is heavily inspired by the diverse textures and colors of Mother Earth. I enjoy working with earth-toned acrylics, crystals and stones such as, Amethyst, Selenite, Turquoise, Citrine, Pyrite and Quartz, along with collected sand, sea glass and shells from local beaches in San Diego, CA. This creates an exquisite appearance by adding a touch of the beautiful world we all call home. For years I have struggled immensely with anxiety; art is the one thing that provides me with consistent comfort and assurance. I began creating art at a very young age, I have always felt safe to express my emotions freely when I paint by allowing the colors to reflect the truest version of myself. I know that in the moment of creating, I am doing exactly what I am meant to do. For once my mind is silent, letting myself just be at peace.

Your authenticity is your art...

I am a self-taught artist with my intuition as my teacher and the solitude of my mind as the classroom. I never imagined that my personal creative outlet could connect me with so many beautiful individuals from all over the world. When I established Sacred Solutions Art in 2018, it did not feel like making something new. This project was unraveled out of inspiration already within me. This is what I do, what I love, and who I am.  Art Heals; and I am not just referring to painting. Your authenticity is your art; the true version of YOU that shines brighter than all. There is nothing that the art of yourself cannot heal. With Sacred Solutions, I aim to spread that message as far as I possibly can.

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