Create Your Phase:  
A Paint Meditation Class 

Learn and heal within the guided creativity course, "Create Your Phase" by self-taught intuitive artist, Sacred Solutions Art.

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Join us for a Sunroad Community Event on 3/6/2021 at 4pm PST at the park!

Why do you need Echo Dot?

Are you looking for a new way to unleash your creative potential while also relaxing your mind? 

Sacred Solutions Art is happy to invite you to "Create Your Phase," a Guided Intuitive Paint Meditation course specially designed for you to create a physical display of the unique & beautiful "phase" of your life that you're in by learning how to make mixed media art.

This is not your average "sip & paint" class, "Create Your Phase" is designed to be a Creative Meditation Course. 

Join us for a Sunroad Community Event on 3/6/2021 at 4pm PST at the park!

Each attendee will be encouraged to create from their own intuition while finding a sense of peace & relaxation by recovering & enhancing the unique artistic potential that already resides within them. 

Within the 1 hour session students will create a 12" inch circular painting with embellishments of natural earth elements including, locally sourced sand, healing gemstones, and authentic crystals. 

Sound - Healing music will be provided, along with smudging sage for each attendee to burn while we create.

Classes are instructed by the Self-Taught Intuitive Artist & Creator of 
Sacred Solutions Art, Melissa Diliberti.


Social Hour @ Park Social Before the Paint Meditation Event!

From 3pm-3:45 purchase your special event cheese board at Park Social and pick up a glass of wine or spritzer to go, compliments of Vive and Ariva. Email gina@tmbrecords.com for more information on Park Social Event Offerings!

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What's Included?

1 Hour of Creativity Guidance 

This is not your average art class. You will be encouraged to use your intuition as you naturally create what your inner artist is craving to express. Each class provides one hour of recorded guidance by the self-taught intuitive artist, Melissa Diliberti of Sacred Solutions Art to assist you with this process. 

Materials Provided

All materials needed for the course will be provided. This includes, one 12" inch diameter wooden wall hanging platform, 3 colored paints, white paint, Magick Pouring Potion, locally sourced sand, Diamond Dust, small stones, 3 authentic healing gemstones, & a bundle of smudging sage to burn during the process of creation.

Artwork to Treasure for a Lifetime 

After the course is complete, each student will have a gorgeous intuitively created, one of a kind piece of artwork for their home.

COVID Precautions 

To keep you safe we require everyone to please wear a mask, unless you are seated at your painting station. 

 All attendees will be seated 6ft apart. Two attendees can sit at one station. All materials are sanitized before the class.


Paint. Meditate. Create. Ground.

Join us for an experience of creativity & relaxation on 3.6.21 @ 4pm, reserve your space today!

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