My name is Melissa Diliberti, and I am a self taught artist in San Diego, CA. For as long as I can remember, art has always been apart of my life. I come from a large family of artists, and was always encouraged to pursue any creative outlets. My mom never allowed me to have a TV in my room. Instead, I had an aisle, an art desk, a sewing machine, or anything to keep me creative. Growing up, I always found so much comfort in creating- whether it be drawing, sewing, photography, or painting- art was a fun way for me to keep my mind occupied and engaged. I took many art classes in school and brought a sketchbook with me (literally) wherever I went. I enjoyed showing my pieces at my school's art shows. I have always felt the proudest of myself when I was making art.


I come from an artistic family with Native American roots, which I have always been proud of. My grandmother collected crystals and taught me about the healing properties of each stone, and how it can be beneficial to have these energies of love, courage, and inspiration in your home. By placing crystals on my artwork, my intent is for the positive properties to project off the artwork and into the home of where the painting is hung. In addition to crystals, I also place sand, shells, and sea glass from local beaches on my art. It truly brings a unique sense to each piece and makes you take a second look. I am heavily inspired by nature when I paint. I find ideas for a piece everyday when I step outside to glance at the sky. By using calm, earth-toned colors, Sacred Solutions offers works to reflect the beautiful Earth that we are all apart of.



A portion of all proceeds, along with original artworks are donated to Humble Design, San Diego. Humble Design a 501(c)3 non-profit that serves individuals, families, and veterans emerging from homelessness by transforming their empty house into a warm, welcoming and uplifting home with donated furniture and household goods. Across the country, Humble Design warehouses are curated and stocked by design teams that personalize homes by providing a dignified, life changing experience for clients.