“As artists, we must find those who believe in us, and in whom we believe, and band together for support, encouragement, and protection.” - Julia Cameron

Creating Intuitively with Sacred Solutions Art

This is a 3 week, 21-day course to ensure you start off the year 2021 in your utmost aligned artistic state of mind. Each week we will uncover a new training topic that is specially designed to break down your blocks and bring forth your inner creative capabilities. You will be intensely supported by your instructor, Melissa Diliberti, and the other group members. We are all here to support and uplift each other to reach our most authentic alignment through the process of creation.

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WEEK 1: The Root of It All

Recovering and enhancing your creative abilities with writing and training exercises that allow us to connect with our inner child who is an artist

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WEEK 2: Getting Unstuck, You're Safe to Create

How-to stop stopping ourselves before we even begin to create by overcoming the fears and blocks that rise with putting your work out to the world

WEEK 3: Grounding Your Mind & Activating Your Artistic Abilities

How to create with Mind Body & Spirit by using meditation & prayer throughout the creative process. Sparking inspiration for new projects with Vision Boards, time to bring all the beautiful ideas within you to the surface

Meet Your Instructor, Melissa!

Hello! My name is Melissa & I am a Self-Taught Intuitive Artist. For years, I have successfully used art as a therapy method and spiritual practice to help heal parts of myself that I never thought I could. By creating intuitively, I have surrendered my artistic abilities to the collective, resulting in artwork that is soul-based rather than analytically made. I realized that this process is sacred and deserved to be shared with the world. Within my 21 day course, you will uncover aspects of your own creative process that you didn't know existed. You will learn how to create with your heart first, and hands second. You will be intensely supported as we deeply uncover and heal past trauma that has especially surfaced after the year 2020. The purpose of this course is to align and activate your creative abilities from Mind, Body & Spirit to ensure you begin 2021 in your authenticity. This course is strategically designed to help ALL artistic individuals. If you already identify as an artist, it will help align your current process and promote you to create in a more effortless way. If you have not created any art in years, this course will help you recover your creative gifts and align you in a way you never thought was possible. If you WANT to be creative but do not know what your artistic path is, this course will help you uncover and identify where your gifts will be of the best service. I truly cannot wait to work with you and help recover, discover, & enhance your creative abilities.

Melissa Medina Diliberti

Artist & Creator of Sacred Solutions Art

Your 21 Day Creative Block Cleanse

An Outline of Our First 3 Weeks of 2021

3 Live Zoom Trainings

Each week we will uncover a new topic, as listed above. These topics will include essential tools to help you with your everyday creative process. Each training is conducted in Zoom on Mondays at 6 pm PST. 1/4, 1/11, & 1/18. *Recordings will be available for those who cannot attend live*

21 Journaling Exercises

Each morning throughout the 21 days you will receive a new journaling exercise to activate your creative process and clear your blocks

Morning Pages & Artist Dates

These two essential tools are taught by Julia Cameron, an intuitive artist, spiritual artist coach, and bestselling author of "The Artists Way." I have been using these practices within my own process and believe in their ability to help us stay in alignment as creators. I cannot wait to share these tools with you and help you use them effectively within your own practice.

Open Q&A Zoom Session

On Thursday, January 21st at 6 pm PST we will have a group discussion and open Q&A to reflect on our journey of the 21 days. In this time you have the ability to have 1:1 coaching with Melissa & insight support from other group members.

Community of Creators

By joining the group you will be added to our exclusive Facebook group made especially for artists and creators. Here we will support each other, you are encouraged to engage and interact within the group to find encouragement and protection.

Book List

By joining the group you will have access to Melissa's book list which is filled with readings that will enhance and positively project your creative process.

Join us on January 4th, 2021

Begin this new year in a place of artistic alignment! 


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