HAIR CARE 101: How to stimulate your hair growth with natural products.


Basic tips for rejuvenating your locks.


If there is one thing that we are all doing in quarantine right now, it is probably wondering how we can better the health of our hair and skin; am I right?


Today I am going to focus on hair growth, and how you can stimulate your scalp with natural products to produce hair growth and stop hair loss in its tracks!


A few years ago, in 2018 I reached a serious milestone regarding the damage I had done to my mane. I remember sitting in my apartment, running my fingers through my hair, and realizing there was not much left. The hair that I did have was chemically damaged from over-processing with dyes and bleach. But honestly, there were multiple issues with the way I handled my hair, most of these things I did not even realize were causing so much critical damage to my hair and scalp. I wish I had a better “before” photo of my hair when it was at this level of damage; but I covered it up constantly with clip-in extensions or just wearing my hair in a tight, slicked-back bun. I was uneducated when it came to basic hair care 101. So today I really want to dive into this topic and share my progress along with the amazing natural remedies that have dramatically helped.





I can almost guarantee that these two things are absolutely breaking your hair every day. Your hair ties, and your brush.

What does your brush look like? What brand is it? & When was the last time you bought a new one? If you can’t answer most of these questions confidently, its probably time for a new brush. What you brush your hair with, and HOW you do it is extremely crucial to the health and shine of your locks. My favorite brush is listed below, it’s the WET brush. The WET brush is super cheap, so you can replace is often. This brush specializes in preventing damage caused by brushing, mainly but not limited to, when your hair is wet/damp.

Everyone’s routine is different. For me, I cannot sleep with wet hair, and I hate the blow dryer. So, my getting-ready routine starts with washing my hair, after that, I start my skincare and makeup, once I start my hair it’s already been about 30-45min so my hair is almost dry. I try to delicately towel dry my hair as much as possible before blow-drying. When I brush my hair, I try to be sure that it’s as dry as possible. Then, I start from the bottom and work my way up. It is also crucial to use a detangler & thermal protectant before styling.



Now let’s talk about your hair ties. There are tons of hair ties that prevent breakage and creasing of your hair. My favorites are listed below.

Best for working out/stronghold:

Best for sleep/lounging around the house:

Other great options:





Have you heard that essential oils are great for stimulating hair growth? Essential oils are amazing, they can be used in so many diverse ways to promote your health and wellbeing. There is an abundance of oils that can be used for hair growth and hair loss prevention. Before I knew better, I only placed “base” oils on the ends of my hair. I would struggle because my hair would refuse to grow past a certain point, and I had no idea why. After doing an abundance of research, I found some remedies that really stimulate your hair follicles and give your roots that push you need to grow those extra inches.

Carrier oils, which are also known to be the base or vegetable oils, are used to dilute essential oils. Essential oils are much stronger, but they provide impressive results that base oils cannot quite measure up to. By adding 5-10 drops of a 100% PURE essential oil to 3-4 oz of carrier oil, you can create multiple hair growth remedies.

Here are some of my favorite base + essential recipes that are stellar for hair growth:

Rosemary essential oil + Aloe Vera base oil

Rosemary essential oil + Jojoba base oil

Peppermint essential oil + Coconut base oil

Lavender essential oil + Avocado base oil

You can be creative with your recipes, these are just a few that I love. I would recommend massaging a few drops into your scalp and ends of your hair twice a day. You can also place 5-10 drops of the essential oils into your shampoo or conditioner to dilute.

Rosemary essential oil is the MOST POWERFUL at locking DHT and stopping hair loss in its tracks. If you are going to try any of these oils for benefiting the health of your hair, I highly recommend rosemary essential oil + a carrier oil of your choice.

For more information on how to naturally improve the thickness and length of your hair, I recommend this video by Dr. Josh Axe





What the heck is a pre-poo? I said the same thing, but it is actually a particularly important part of bringing your hair back to health. A “pre-poo” is a PRE-SHAMPOO, it is the step you take before washing your hair. I use a pre-poo that I LOVE from the brand, The Mane Choice, (link below). But you can make your own by using your favorite essential oil + carrier oil. Example: Rosemary essential oil + Aloe Vera is a GREAT pre-poo. Massage a generous amount of the product into your entire head, scalp, and ends. Leave in your hair for at least 10-15 minutes before washing your hair.

What does this do? Pre-poo works to enclose your hair stands so you don’t lose the important natural oils you need to keep your hair healthy and moisturized, which can be stripped when you shampoo your hair. Our hair goes through a lot. I have noticed a great difference when using a pre-shampoo before washing; my hair seems easier to handle and less frizzy. Pre-shampoos are great and essential for all hair types.

Co-washing or conditioner-washing is when you wash your hair with a co-wash. A co-wash is similar to conditioner but is designed to wash your hair clean without removing important moistures and oils. It’s a great way to get a light clean in-between wash day.

I was doing this to my hair before I knew it was a thing and that there were actual co-washing products. I also get the co-wash that I love from The Mane Choice (link below). Using shampoo is not healthy or necessary to do every day. But sometimes you need to clean your hair to remove dirt, sweat, etc. For example, I hate washing my hair with shampoo every day just because I went for a run or the gym. But my hair gets soaked with sweat, so I must do something! I started just using conditioner most days of the week instead of both shampoo and conditioner when washing. I use shampoo about twice a week, at the most. Using a normal conditioner to co-wash worked for a while, but mostly because I do not wear my hair down every day. For the days I would wash with just conditioner, I was accepting the fact that it wasn’t a “good hair day” and would slick back my hair into a bun or ponytail. After discovering The Mane Choice’s “Co-Wash” product, I can actually wear my hair down and style it after co-washing. My hair feels clean and moisturized without being oily. This co-wash also works as a detangler and leave-in conditioner. I only rinse out about 60% of the product when I use it in the shower.





I hope this segment helps all of you that are on your journey to healthier hair. I can say for myself, that these methods and products have tremendously helped bring my hair back to life.
It is a great feeling to know that your hair is growing. There are a ton of other great ways to stimulate hair growth that I didn’t cover today; ex: Biotin, Vitamin B Complex, Fish Oils, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Collagen, etc. I hope to cover these topics in a sequel to this segment.
Have a beautiful day and happy hair care! 😊


With love,


 Melissa Diliberti