Breakfast is served! Green eggs & turkey scramble!

Green Eggs & Turkey: The Recipe! 

For my first recipe, I’ll go with today’s breakfast: Green Eggs & Turkey!

These were honestly amazing. A healthy twist to your morning scramble!

Recipe for 2:

4 eggs, whisked.

1 tbsp of Earth Balance vegan butter, melt in the pan.

1/4 cup of Daiya Foods pepper jack sheds.

4 slices of deli turkey, chopped.

2 tbsp of Trader Joe's Vegan Kale Basil Cashew Pesto!

Fresh parsley.

Salt & pepper to taste.


To make vegan:

Sub eggs for Eat Just, Just Egg

Sub turkey for Tofurkey deli slices


You should definitely add cherry tomatoes to this, I didn’t have any. Also, some hot sauce on top would be amazing if you like spice!