Living creatively, art and beyond.

A few months ago, I’m almost positive someone hacked into my personal Instagram account. I found this so random, and it really left me with an uneasy feeling. Right after that, we entered one of the most bizarre time periods that our world has ever experienced. Starting a new Instagram didn’t seem like my first priority because my job was laying me off, all my favorite restaurants and places were at risk of going under due to forced closures, and most importantly; the health and well-being of myself and everyone I love were suddenly at risk. I couldn’t see some of my favorite family members and friends; the entire world just flipped.
So, like I always do when things get weird; I decided to just throw myself into the things I loved, my Sacred Solutions. During quarantine I’ve been focusing so much on my artwork, taking good care of my body, cooking, exercising, etc. And I began to realize how much I miss having a platform to highlight all these other life values that make me who I am. I have decided to create a new Instagram platform and lifestyle blog. I want to talk about all the other parts of my life that I have found healing from in addition to my artwork. I want to talk about holistic medicine, cooking recipes, home remedies for hair growth, and honestly whatever else I discover at the time. I plan to just express myself freely in this space and shed light on life’s aspects that bring me to a higher place.
I’m 22 years old, and I live in San Diego, California. I thank God for the life I live every day. And after losing so many things that I thought I needed, I realized what I had right in front of me. What my hands are actually capable of creating, and how my efforts can make a difference if I just solely focus on what I know to be important.
Here are my Sacred Solutions, art, and beyond!