Adapting to life’s inevitable changes... and how to try and understand them.

We all feel it, that moment when the universe is suddenly shifting in a new direction and we have no idea where it’s taking us. If you’re anything like me, you’re very intuitive when it comes to life’s transitions. I feel that now, more than ever, we are all experiencing some sort of change whether it is something small, or extreme. So I ask, how do you cope with the adjustments?

I began this pondering thought about the correct way to navigate yourself through change since I was a child. Growing up, change was the norm. My parents moved us around a lot, whether it was a new suburb with a different school zone, or a completely new state; starting over was something I learned how to adapt to at an early age. Although it was difficult to continuously be the “new girl”, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see the beautiful and refreshing outlook that a change of scenery provides. My father always told me that change is important, he said, “a river can’t flow in stagnant water”.

Today as a young adult, I honestly have caught myself trying to avoid change as much as I pursue it. Sometimes, it’s easier to stay within a situation that you know is not ideal for your authentic self, than to change it in order to pursue your ultimate happiness. Because there is always the “what if”, right? That’s why I believe every change happens for a reason, as cliché as it sounds. Maybe, the universe pulls these changes together to give us the push we wouldn’t take alone.

So, is there a right way to put your energy towards change? I choose to recognize it immediately, cry if you feel it’s necessary, feel the shift and embrace it— but never for too long. I’ve learned that the healthiest way to navigate through extreme change is to take a pause, and really look at your life. This pause can be an hour, or a month. Cleanse all of your physical and mental aspects to give yourself that refreshing clean slate that you deserve. Change and loss can translate into abundance and opportunity, you just have to believe it.